What happened to the website since my last visit?

Modified on Wed, 04 Jan 2023 at 08:58 PM

The previous FarmerData site, while updated several times, had been in service for almost 14 years. Its capabilities regarding mobile devices, as well as secure login procedures, were limited in what it could provide going forward.

The new FarmerData site is designed to better accommodate requirements that the old site could not, and we made this new site available to users in July 2022. In early December, we set a cutoff date of January 4, 2023 for the old site, and began notifying users on the process of migrating to the new site. If you were not able to migrate to the new site during this time, please see the article 'I was not able to migrate my account from the old site, how do I log in?' on how to transfer your account now that the old site is no longer available.

The mobile-friendly design of the new site is perhaps its most distinguishing feature, but equally important is the change to two-factor authentication. This means that logging in to the new site requires both a user ID (which is now your email address rather than a username that's sometimes easy to forget) and password, as well as an access code sent via text message to a cell phone or other SMS-capable device. Frequent reports of identity fraud and compromised accounts have become more and more prevalent in recent years and illustrate the importance of securing user credentials. The new FarmerData site adopts measures to make it harder for these situations to occur. We realize that it often appears to be an additional hoop that was not there before, but it has been put in place to protect both your account individually, as well as all FarmerData users as a whole.

Please see the article 'What does the "Remember me?" checkbox do?' to learn how it is possible to skip the login process entirely for extended periods of time. This can actually end up being more convenient to access your data than it was with the old site.

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